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Boat Maintenance

Maintaining the inner working as well as the outside of your boat is extremely important. It will help the integrity of your boat for as long as you use it on the water. Years down the road you may want to upgrade to a newer model and trading your boat in would be your best… Read more »

Smart Boating

We all like to think we know a lot (if not everything) about the hobbies we enjoy on a daily basis. But what about those who are new to the boating game? The newbies may not know all of the tips and tricks to make each experience safe and enjoyable. Here are a few (some… Read more »

Fuel Conservation

As years go on, boaters are becoming more aware of what’s going on in our environment. People are coming up with ways to reduce pollution, helping clean up our water ways, and figuring out ways to minimize fuel consumption. All of these practices are good, but until they are put to work they are just ideas. We… Read more »

Low Lake Levels

With dryer weeks ahead, Florida boaters aren’t too thrilled to deal with these shallow waters. Low water levels and exposed lake bottoms maybe unattractive to many and can interfere with recreational activities. However, fluctuating water levels are normal and actually beneficial for Florida’s lakes. The single greatest factor affecting water levels in Florida’s lakes is… Read more »

26 Fasdeck

There is no doubt that Regal Boats are pretty amazing. Not only can you enjoy the adventure of water sports, but if you are looking for more of a get-away boat then Regals are something you need to see for yourself! The next boat we are going to feature is the Regal 26 Fasdeck!  The… Read more »

Insider Tips on Boat Shows

We all know that people make a New Year’s resolution every single year. We also know that not many of us follow through with them. Maybe this year you wanted to spend more time with family and friends, learn something new, or spend more time exploring or being active. Or maybe you have a long… Read more »

Tubing Anyone?

If you really want to make this summer one for the books, tubing is the way to go! The great thing about adding a towable to your boating toys is that is the best type of fun for all ages!  Tubing is among the most popular water sports. It’s easy for someone of any age… Read more »

Wakesurfing Tips

Wakesurfing is becoming more and more popular as the years unfold. There are so many tricks to learn and even those who are just in it for the thrill of it can’t seem to get enough! With every new hobby or sport you take on, there are tips and tricks that every veteran would love… Read more »

Moomba Helix

If you love sports, and adventure, and you want your boat to keep you on your toes (literally) then why not stop in and check out a Moomba Helix? This newest member to the growing Moomba family is going to give you the best bang for your buck without breaking your wallet! The 2017 Helix features… Read more »

Regal 1900 ESX

For those of you in the market for a starter boat, one that will allow you to have the option of watersports but also a chance to relax and experience more leisure time on the water then a Regal is what you should be looking at. Let’s talk about the Regal 1900 ESX. With all… Read more »

Nautique G25!

As most of you have seen, we have a few blogs up here to help you pick the right brand, trailer, etc. for your boating experience. But we’ve never gone into detail about each boat and the pro’s and con’s it might have for each boat owner. We highly doubt there can be any cons… Read more »

Holidays on your Boat!

When boating is involved every day is a holiday. There is always a reason to be out enjoying the weather almost every weekend. Every chance you get you’ll want to be out on the water, wakeboarding, swimming, and even fishing for some! There is always a reason to celebrate the day, from a promotion at… Read more »

Central Florida Lakes

We all know that boaters have their go to spots. There is one place you can always count on when it comes to your day on the water. In doing some research we have found some of the most liked lakes in Central Florida.   Lake Killarney: Approximately 60 percent of the surface area of… Read more »

For the Water Lovers

If your looking for a new place to explore, with white sandy beaches and beautiful clear water, Palm Beach is definitely a location you need to check off your list. There are many activities for you and your friends and family to do both in and out of the water. With more than 47 miles of Atlantic coastline… Read more »

Boating is for Everyone!

Believe it or not, all kids may not be onboard for their family to get a boat. Some might be scared; others might not think there’s always fun to be had. For some parents, enjoying a sun filled day out on the water while fishing is paradise, others might take to a more wild and… Read more »

Obstacles in the Water!

We all know that not every boating trip runs as smoothly as we want it to. Sometimes trouble finds you and you can’t avoid it. When it happens, usually it’s at the wrong place at the wrong time. All of that stress and worry takes you away from the only reason you bought a boat… Read more »

The NSS! Secret Government Operation, or Amazing Surf System?

For those who aren’t avid boaters, or those who are just starting out, we know there are a lot of questions you need to ask before making your final choice. One of the biggest questions we get from novice boaters is what is NSS? NSS is the acronym used to describe the Nautique Surf System…. Read more »

Walking on Water?

With summer right around the corner, parents are getting everything in place for summer outings for their family and friends. From weekend sleepovers to a full day out on the lake, activities are planned out. There is always something to do out on the water. From tubing to wakesurfing, parents will never have a dull moment with… Read more »

Why Parents Choose Boating!

In today’s day and age you see more and more kid’s focused on technology. Either sitting inside in front of a big tv or their faces are glued to the screen of a smart phone with very little human interaction! Kids should be out in the fresh air, climbing trees, playing tag, swimming, or making a… Read more »

3 Tips for First Time Boaters

Just like buying a car or a house, buying a boat can be pretty intimidating if you’re not sure of the lifestyle you want from your boat. Our knowledgeable sales team here at Regal and Nautique has compiled 3 simple questions for you to ask yourself while looking to buy a boat. Question 1. Are… Read more »

Homemade Sunscreen Stick

When your an avid boater and you are out on the water for most of your spare time, it is important to wear the proper protection from the sun. If it’s a hat, shirt, sunglasses or a few layers of sunscreen it is still important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays! But if you are one… Read more »


Buying a boat is not as scary as some people make it out to be. Like buying anything really, with buying a boat, prices vary depending on size and make. But now a days, many dealers or manufacturers can help you become a proud boat owner for less than a new car payment a month! And for… Read more »

New vs. Pre-Owned

To buy new or used, that is the question! This may be the toughest question for new boat buyers, but the answer is a lot easier to come by than you think. It all depends on you, the buyer. Your final decision boils down to your budget, your taste, and sometimes your mechanical knowledge. Take a second… Read more »

Insuring Your Boat

When it comes to boat insurance, there is no time to mess around! Our Sales Team here at Regal and Nautique work along side Marker 5 to help select the best boat insurance for you and your family. Here are a few things to know and keep in mind when shopping around. What are the types of coverage? Your… Read more »

Boat Storage

  When looking for the boat that’s the best fit for you and your family, one of the biggest questions you should ask yourself is where you’re going to keep it when you’re not using it. Three things that play into your “pre-purchase equation,” is it convenient, is it in your budget, and is the… Read more »

Keep it Clean

With each New Year, resolutions are made. Some are met and some fall through. This year let’s make a resolution among us boaters to keep our water ways clean. We’ve all mentioned this in passing or some have read countless blogs on it before, one probably from a previous blog here, but taking part in… Read more »

Boating in Miami

When people think of Miami, most think it’s not the best family friendly place for a vacation. “Miami Beach, where the rich and famous go to be seen in Tony nightclubs and trendy restaurants all wrapped in neon.”  But Miami also offers low-key fun, family venues, nature and much more adventure. Miami Beach is one… Read more »

The right Dock for you!

When purchasing a boat there is a lot of thought that goes into what’s best for you and your family. Of course you’ll want a boat that fits your needs out on the water, but what about fitting the dock. You’ll want to make sure that your dock at home fits the boat you’re looking… Read more »

Checklist for Beginners

Being a new boat owner is an amazing feat! If your wanting to keep that care-free feeling, you’ll want to make sure your doing everything you can to continue smooth rides out on the water. This can start with the proper checklist to get your day started. 1.Check weather report and tides/currents 2.File a float… Read more »

Top 100

For some, the term “Top 100” is not heard of or even known. You may have seen it mentioned in a few of our posts or tagged in some of our pictures. Regal and Nautique of Orlando is named #20 in 2016 Boating Industry Top 100 list. Recognized as one of the top boat dealers… Read more »


Just a few miles south along the state’s central west coast, is the clear and relaxed waters of Sarasota. From white sandy beaches to the barrier islands, there is so much to be seen in. The Gulf of Mexico provides calm waters near shore as the keys give easy line-of-sight navigation. Keep in mind that this… Read more »

Fishing Responsibly

Finding a hobby you truly love is a luxury. It can stimulate your creative side as well as help you to relax when times get hard. Fishing is a popular hobby among boat owners. With all of the excitement also comes a lot of responsibility. There so much out there now that can effect our… Read more »

Cedar Key

There are many places in Florida that boaters go on a regular basis. But what about those hidden gems that aren’t explored every day? Those are the places you want to check out for yourself. Here’s a location to make sure you visit. Cedar Key isn’t the sort of place you just stumbled across, having visited… Read more »

Anchor Your Boat

If you love boating by day or spending the night out on the water, you need to know the proper way to anchor your boat. While there are a lot of situations that can occur, with basic knowledge you can master these skills in no time at all. If done properly, your boat will stay… Read more »

Good Boating Manners

There are a lot of articles and blogs out there about boating for beginners. But in all honesty there couldn’t be enough! Owning a boat is a big investment, probably one of the biggest in your lifetime. While owning your own vessel is an amazing accomplishment, there are rules and or strict guidelines that you… Read more »

At the Dock

Docking your boat can be tricky, and very overwhelming if this is your first time operating a boat. There will be those veterans at the dock offering up some words of wisdom but in the event you are riding solo on this adventure, here are 3 basic guidelines to help you dock your boat safely…. Read more »

Tips for Smart Boating

Taking your boat to new waters is what it’s all about! Exploring new areas and creating new memories are some of the best joys of boating. But making sure you and your passengers are safe while on the water is number one! Here are a few key points to keep in mind while traveling on… Read more »

Vessel Requirements

There are just a few things that may take the fun out of boating but the one that takes the cake is getting a violation while on a lake or river! If you do get pulled over there are always a few must have items to make sure you are sent on your merry way!… Read more »

Wakeboarding Anyone!?

With wakeboarding becoming more popular, there are younger kids out there wanting to join in on the sport. Starting to teach them at a young age is the best, as is to any new hobby or skill. But as we know not all of us have had access to a boat let alone a wake… Read more »

Boating in the Ocean

You can take your boat to any body of water, as long as it is equipped for that environment. Some boaters want to stay strictly within bodies of freshwater, while others like to venture out and use their boats in salt water as well. Each has its pro’s and con’s. Keep in mind that using… Read more »