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Love Boating?

Now-a-days, there is little conversation and little connection between one another, other than our phones or technical devices. It’s about time we get back to face to face conversation. Here are just a few reasons we at Regal and Nautique love boating! As humans, we tend to get stuck in a rut. But with the luxury… Read more »

Pass the Handle

  There are many joys in life, but nothing like seeing a kid smile while trying something fun and new! There is a mission to share the passion for towed water sports worldwide! This year will be the third annual #PassTheHandle day! It will take place on July 24, 2016. Industry members will “make the… Read more »

Water Bodies

People love anything to do with water! Swimming in the pool, surfing at the beach, jumping in to a super cold spring, and last but not least hanging out on the boat on a beautiful lake! The catch is, not everyone knows where all of the “hot spots” are in Orlando! Here are a few of… Read more »

The Known and Unknown

With any hobby we take on, there is a certain vocabulary that will help us better understand exactly what we would be doing. Here are some boating terms to help you understand what’s going on out on the water without having to have notes on hand! AT ANCHOR – Held in place in the water by… Read more »