Cedar Key


There are many places in Florida that boaters go on a regular basis. But what about those hidden gems that aren’t explored every day? Those are the places you want to check out for yourself. Here’s a location to make sure you visit.

Cedar Key isn’t the sort of place you just stumbled across, having visited myself, I can safely say that it is one of the most relaxing vacation spots I’ve visited in Florida. If you feel like getting away on a beautiful white sand beach then Cedar key is waiting for you! It is situated along the most remote and undeveloped sections of Florida’s Big Bend coastline. The drive will take you across a miles long, two lane road with water on either side.

This road dead-ends into Route 24. But even with its secluded status, Cedar Key does draw its share of visitors. And those in the know come here for some of the most impressive “must try” restaurants in the country.

Boaters willing to follow the channel markers will make their way to any number of small uninhabited islands with white sand beaches and wooded hammocks, a boaters paradise!

Cedar Key is a beautiful location to visit during any season, whether it’s snorkeling in the summer or viewing the wildlife in the cooler months, you will always have something to do.