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What is a Smart Buyer Program? It is for the new boat buyer who wants to get the best price of the season, get the colors and options they’ve always dreamed of and have their new boat ready to go when spring hits next year.

Best selection typically comes in the fall. We still have a good selection of clearance models from the prior model year, plus a great selection of the newest, freshest models arriving daily.


  • Thousands off the price (best pricing of the year, better than the Boat Show, it is too low to quote per advertising regulations with our boat manufacturers).
  • Buy a boat from our inventory or order your dream boat in the colors and options you have always dreamed about.
  • Best trade in value of the season! (Your current boat will book at a higher value this year then next spring)!
  • Save on the depreciation!!!


  1. Buy one of our inventory boats or place an order for a 2017 model from Nautique, Regal or Moomba by 12/31/16.
  2. You will save up to an additional 3% off the price, which on a Nautique G23 equals thousands of dollars!
  3. Put down an agreeable deposit of the total purchase price.
  4. Pay the balance upon the delivery of the boat to our dealership.


We provide our largest discount during the Fall due to many reasons. Additional “inventory” turns in the off season provides cost savings to us and we pass those on to you. The more boats we can sell during this time allows us to plan our inventory for the next season. We are very aggressive for customers who choose to purchase during this time. The manufacturers typically offer

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