The Right Dealer for You

With the holiday season being one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year there can be a lot of stress that goes a long with buying the perfect gift for your loved ones. The stress of SO many people out shopping at the same time, or sometimes even having no time to find that perfect gift so your stuck with getting something at the last minute. Buying something as big as a boat shouldn’t come with big stress, it shouldn’t come with come with stress at all for that matter. That’s why finding the perfect dealer for you is extremely important.

One of the best ways to figure out the best dealerships to spend your valuable time at is checking out there most up to date reviews. Do they have a good amount of reviews that you can look at, are they current? Are their reviews up to par with what you would like to see? Make sure to do your research a head of time to save your time!

Another big thing to pay attention to is the staff. As soon as you walk in the door were you greeted with a smile? Was the staff attentive and genuinely happy you came in? A boat dealership is one business that you’ll likely develop an ongoing relationship with, so making sure you get the best customer service from the start will tell you a lot about what your future experiences with that company will be like.

Dealerships you see post their accolades on their social media aren’t doing it to boast. They are posting this information to let there current and future customers know that they are committed to continue to work hard for their customers and even their staff. If a dealership participates in the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) program and has received CSI awards, it is a great sign that it has top-quality customer care at the top of their list. A Marine Industry Certified Dealership (MICD) has made a commitment to putting customers first. That begins with the Consumer Bill of Rights setting the bar to provide outstanding and customer sales and service. Boating Industry’s Top 100 dealer list includes some of the most customer-focused dealers in the country.

One of the biggest tells if a dealership is going to take pride in their customers (whether selling the customer a boat or maintaining boats in their service department) is how they take care of the dealerships appearance. Is both the inside and outside lot of the dealership clean and taken care of? Is their showroom easily accessible to all persons? These are just a few things to keep in mind when you check out a dealership for yourself.

Regal & Nautique of Orlando is proud to announce that we are now a Marine Industry Certified Dealer! We take pride in making and maintaining lasting relationships with our customers! We hope to see you in our showroom for your next big adventure out on the water!