Orlando Boat Show

We are just in time for the Orlando Boat show, which means a lot of people are going to be looking at buying boats or comparing different models. This probably means many of them are making a first-time investment on their boat. With that being said, this leave may mean a few potential problems for the newbies in the boating world! Here are a few tips to help you get out on the water and try to avoid some rookie mistakes.

Know your boat! There’s always going to be that one person who feels that they have mastered something with just a verbal run through. Let’s not be that person! Any boat owner needs to know their boat, and how to control it. There is a great deal of capabilities and of course with that comes some limitations. Our sales team here at Regal and Nautique is well versed in all boats we sell and trade here. A bonus to our knowledgeable sales team, they will also take you out on a demo to help you really understand your boat.

Have the proper safety equipment! Making sure you have the right amount of life jackets per person on your trips out on the water is one of the most important things. There is a misconception about life jackets. Many people are mistaken that if you know how to swim it isn’t necessary for you to wear a live jacket. Wearing one while boating can dramatically increase your chances of surviving an accident.

Ignoring Coast Guard and Safety Regulations! Boats need to comply with federal safety regulations, as well as using common sense. Drinking and boating don’t mix. For some reason or another, drinking and driving a boat is more socially acceptable than drinking and driving a car. Operating any heavy machinery or putting others’ lives in your hands while under the influence is completely unacceptable. We all know this, so let’s make a point to spread this knowledge as often as we can!