A Friendly Reminder

We all love a good wake, especially when you’re really getting into wake surfing or even just starting out. That perfect wake is something we all dream about. But to what extent will we go to in order to get it? There have been more and more incidents popping up when it comes to boaters not paying attention to common boat knowledge and respect for homeowners on our lakes. If you think about it, these wakes aren’t just disturbing the homeowners, but also our environment as well! Remember that you are responsible for your own wake and any damage done by it.

Here is a link to a video explaining the consequences of creating too big a wake too close to the shore line.


You can also stop in Regal and Nautique of Orlando to pick up a copy of the 2016 Towed Water Sports Handbook.

Boating safely and responsibly doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun or creating wakes to ride. We are simply sending out a friendly reminder to those who are involved in towed water sports to watch where you’re creating your wake!