What to Clean and How


No matter how new your boat is, weathering over a small amount of time can cause it to look older than its age. Water damage, rust, even sun damage are just some elements that can affect your boat. Don’t let this scare you or push you away from purchasing your dream boat! There are ways to make sure that your boat retains its value both internally and externally.

If your boat has aluminum, cleaning and brightening aluminum that’s gone drab is one thing to keep an eye out for. Aluminum is light, inexpensive, and can look attractive, so if you want to restore your aluminum to its previous luster, use Aluminum Cleaner. It’s a three-in-one product that brightens, polishes, and protects aluminum so you don’t have to worry about that dull look again.

If you have fiber glass on your boat, one of the easiest ways to restore fiberglass to its old sheen is to use Fiberglass Kreme Cleaner. It’s a simple apply and wipe-off solution for a myriad of fiberglass problems, and it can wash off with either fresh water or salt water.

If you want to restore life back to your new boat check out Life Restorer Wax. It will protect your boats surfaces and can often remove light oxidation. Since it’s pre-softened, application is easy and not labor-intensive.

No more mildew once and for all! Mildew is sometimes more about smell than appearance, but you can’t have a “new” boat with the smell of mildew in the air. Use Mildew Remover with an easy spray-on bottle, to give your boat the deep-cleaning it deserves. Soap and water can’t cure all problems, after all.