Mildew be Gone!


Being out on the water for most of its life, it’s no wonder your boat has to put up a fight against mildew. Mildew is not something any boat owner wants to deal with. Its gross, smells horrible and is very unappealing to the eye. If you want to keep your boat fresh, you’re going to have to study up on this monster called mildew. There are two ways to go about dealing with mildew. 1. You can prevent it before it even appears. Or 2. You can just try destroy it once it’s already shown its ugly self.

We’ve heard from many people about their thoughts on the prevention of mildew on a boat. “It’s impossible” But it is, a matter of fact, “possible.” One tip at prevention would be to keep your drainage clear. Keeping your bilge clean is a great place to start. You have some degree of control about the quality and quantity of water your boat has access to. By keeping your drainage systems clear, you’ll have a much better chance at preventing long-term buildup leading to mildew. Also, make sure that after every use your keeping your boat as dry as possible. Another tip to keep in mind (especially if you love in Florida) is to cover your boat if there is any rain fall in the forecast. Seems like common sense but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to put the cover on their boat at times.

There is a fear that once mildew has shown up, you can’t (no matter how hard you try) get rid of it. If you are one to plan ahead be sure to grab a product called Damprid. This product helps remove the moisture from its surroundings. If your boat is covered in the Florida sun after a day on the water, that moisture will collect making way for mildew to appear. In the incident that you have gotten rid of mildew but it has reappeared, you need to invest in a Mildew Remover. Look for chlorine-free, acid-free and make sure it’s safe for fabrics as well.  People ignore the fabrics in their boat as if they still don’t need the kind of mildew repair and prevention that any fabric around your home might.

If this is something you don’t want to tackle on your own then it’s smart to call a professional. We are partnered up with A Brilliant Finish, mobile detailers specializing in boats. For information on pricing and services offered, contact 407-902-6625. Here is a great picture showing the restoration of the interior and exterior of a boat.