A Leak? Where?!

What is one fear that’s always haunting boat owners? Water in their boat! No one likes a a random leak happening when they are out on the water. There are always ways to avoid stress and panic when you have a plan of action in place for such an occasion.

Well, the obvious place to start would be to figure out where your leak is coming from. Seems simple right? In all reality, the sooner you figure out the source of where the water is coming from the better off you’ll be. If it’s out of your control, make sure you have a plan in place for emergencies like this!

If the water levels are rising slow enough shoveling the water out of the boat with a bucket will save you time. You may think that’s just something done in movies, but it actually works! The other option will be returning to the boat ramp and lift your boat out of the water. As you do that, pay close attention to where the water is coming out of the boat.

Take the time to store an emergency sealing kit on board your boat. And address the leak with your emergency kit as soon as possible. Some may think all of this is too much to worry about when gathering the right tools or equipment for a day on the water. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?