Bilge Maintenance


For those who are new to the boating game or for those who are doing their research on boats, the bilge is where your boat truly meets the water. The bilge is the most effected by the water surrounding it. If the bilge on your boat gains bacteria from not keeping up with proper maintenance, then this can create a horrible odor that can put a damper on your whole boating experience.  And future outings to come!

Boat owners know that regular maintenance and the cleaning of your bilge is the correct answer in this situation. By checking on it and cleaning it thoroughly from time to time, this won’t give bacteria a chance make your bilge its home.

If there is a case where you’ve lost the battle with bacteria in your bilge, there are different cleaning products or maintenance services out there to help with this issue. As mentioned in a previous blog, we are partnered with A Brilliant Finish. They offer their services right here at Regal and Nautique. If you are looking for more information on how to help maintain your boat, contact our service department at 407-425-2628. There are many ways to keep your boat just as good as new, you just have to be willing to spend the time keeping up with it!