Checklist for Beginners

Being a new boat owner is an amazing feat! If your wanting to keep that care-free feeling, you’ll want to make sure your doing everything you can to continue smooth rides out on the water. This can start with the proper checklist to get your day started.

1.Check weather report and tides/currents

2.File a float plan with someone you know. Tell them where youʼre going and when you intend to return (and what to do if you don’t).

3.Identify non-swimmers

  • Supply with life jackets that fit and that they will wear while on the water

4.Identify second-in-command

5.Acquaint crew with the location and operation of Coast Guard required safety items if fitted:

  • Life jackets
  • Lifesling or throwable flotation
  • Horn or sound-producing device
  • Fire extinguishers (acquaint crew with its operation)
  • Flares or other Visual Distress Signals
  • Check operation of Navigation Lights

6.Demonstrate engine shutdown technique

7.Check bilges and pump dry if water is present

8.Check and make sure fuel levels are where they need to be

9.Disconnect shore power cable

10.Upon leaving the harbor, store a “go home” waypoint on the GPS

Making sure you have everything in order for each boating trip will ensure a smooth ride.