New vs. Pre-Owned


To buy new or used, that is the question! This may be the toughest question for new boat buyers, but the answer is a lot easier to come by than you think. It all depends on you, the buyer. Your final decision boils down to your budget, your taste, and sometimes your mechanical knowledge. Take a second to think about what would give you the most joy, a big shiny new boat, or used boat in great condition that is a couple of years old, bought from a dealer you trust, the choice is yours.

Top reasons to buy New!

There is no history to uncover, no need to wonder how the boat’s been used, or if it’s been adequately winterized and commissioned,  because you’ll be creating it’s story.

You can buy exactly what you want! You’ll be getting the latest, greatest technology, not to mention you’ll be the point of conversation on the water!

If something does go awry, you’ll have a manufacturer’s warranty to back you up.

You can design it the way you want with the latest gear selected to your specifications.

Top reasons to buy Pre-Owned!

With a used boat, you get more boat for fewer dollars, lower cost per year of ownership, and less on the line if you decide a different style or size boat would better serve you.

Any initial issues in the boat or motor have likely surfaced and been dealt with. For reassurance, and before signing, get a marine survey. Marine surveyors see what you can’t and look where you won’t.

You can choose a style of sale, from the trade-in or used stock of a dealer.