Why Parents Choose Boating!


In today’s day and age you see more and more kid’s focused on technology. Either sitting inside in front of a big tv or their faces are glued to the screen of a smart phone with very little human interaction! Kids should be out in the fresh air, climbing trees, playing tag, swimming, or making a guitar out of a paper towel roll and a tissue box!

Our team at Regal and Nautique are not in it for the sale of the boat; we are here because we want to help you create lasting memories.

From tubing, to wakeboarding, or even being anchored somewhere and jumping into the cool water, there is always something to do on a boat. More parents are choosing a life on the water for their family and here are some valid points why!

Fun for everyone! Most kids love water sports, even if they aren’t seasoned in them, as soon as they sit in a tube or strap their feet in to the wakeboard they are instantly hooked. The important part is that boating gets you out on the water together with few distractions, and interruptions. Just a time to be with family.

A chance to unplug. One of the most common things we hear from parents when buying their boat is “Awesome, it doesn’t have a screen!” It gives you an opportunity to unplug and focus on having fun outside together in the real world.

Getting away without going away. Having a boat lets you get away from distractions in your day to day routine, sometimes without having to leave your back yard. It’s a great way to take a break without going far or breaking the bank!

A boat for everyone!! There are people out there that are very convinced that boating is a luxury that only rich people can afford. But in all reality, almost anyone can be a boat owner. Many entry-level boats can be purchased for a monthly payment of around $200. If you think about it, that’s how much many of us spend per month on dinners out, movies etc. We all enjoy those activities, but when you really think about it, where are most of the memories coming from, a dinner at some restaurant or a day on the lake?

A friendly ice breaker. To kids, friends are everything! Owning a boat as a parent is a golden opportunity to keep their children close while getting to know their friends. It may even earn you a spot in the “cool parent” category!