Boating is for Everyone!

Believe it or not, all kids may not be onboard to get a boat. Some might be scared; others might not think there’s always fun to be had. For some parents, enjoying a sun filled day out on the water while fishing is paradise, others might take to a more wild and adventurous approach. There will always be an activity for every one of all ages and styles of fun on a boat. You just might have to take the time to explore what it is.

Few kids would turn down a fishing trip, unless they’ve been on an extremely boring one. If you bombard them with just rules and how-to’s and leave out the fun and maybe even some snacks, the  fishing trip may go from fun filled to miserable in a matter of minutes. Try and see this new experience from your kid’s point of view. It’s brand new and it’s very exciting, so being just as excited as they are will definitely keep up the moral in the boat. You have to wear many hats on this adventure; friend, mentor, and maybe even explorer! This will help them learn and keep them “hooked” at the same time.

If fishing isn’t something that “floats their boat,” water sports such as wakeboarding and wakesurfing are becoming more and more popular as the years roll on. At first, getting kids up on boards looks daunting, but there’s no reason to stick with the more advanced water sports all the time. Knee boards offer just as much adventure for those starting out, and tubes are fun for all ages and skill sets! Tubs can produce the most fun had by all on the boat. For those families with smaller children, there are tubes where the parent can ride side by side. Just a friendly reminder that when towing younger children on tubes, keep the speed moderate at about 15 to 18 mph. This will provide all the thrills your youngsters will need.

For a different type of boating experience, paddle sports are a natural way to introduce kids to the water, while adding exercise to their routines. While you can buy a fun two-person kayak for as little as $300, plus life jackets and paddles, you can rent them by the hour for as little as $10 or around $30 for a full day. A great place to check out for rentals on kayaks, canoes, and even paddle boards would be Wekiva Springs. When you sense the slightest impatience on your adventures, change up the experience by pulling out snacks or beaching the kayak or paddle board at Wekiva Island and enjoy the bustling crowd!