5th Annual St. Johns River Run!

It’s about that time; our annual St. John’s River Run is just around the corner and this year it’s going to be bigger than ever! With not 1, but 2 house boats as our home base, our Regal and Nautique family is growing! Every year, we host an event to show how much we appreciate our amazing customers and their loyalty. With food, fun and games, you can’t go wrong! Join us for an amazing event and even better company.

With all that being said, we know that with any event there are things that we all are likely to forget. Our team here at Regal and Nautique has come up with a small checklist to ensure that your time with us at our River Run is the best it can be.

-Gas for your boat

-Small tool box (you never know what you will need)

-First Aid kit

-Citronella Candles (because here in Florida our bugs like to come and party with us!)

-Bug spray, you can’t be too cautious

-Cooler for snacks and drinks

-Snacks and drinks ^





-Extra change of clothes (just in case)

-Water Floats

-Water Toys (for the little ones)

We hope this checklist helps. Make sure to register for this years River Run at https://orlandonautiques.com/riverrun/

We’ll see you all out there!