Boat Parade Readiness


I’m sure we are all thinking the same thing… “This year has flown by incredibly fast!” Have no fear because it’s now time to start planning your float for the annual Windermere Boat Parade and if your wanting to get everything ready for this year, then starting now would help!

For those who aren’t familiar, every year in mid December boaters gather on the water with their vessel decked out in lights while spectators are able to catch the parade from the shore or join in the fun with a float of their own! It’s definitely a sight to see with the family all bundled in blankets while everyone enjoys a mug of hot chocolate!

We are blown out of the water every year by local boaters and their imaginative floats! With each year becoming better than the last, we’ve had a lot of inquiries about joining in the parade and what it would take. We are here to tell you what you would need to do to enter and the easiest way to go about decorating your boat! Below is the link for the for the webpage to sign up.

Simply click on the link and fill out your information!

Windermere Boat Parade

There have been a few questions about how to decorate your boat; what to use, how to light up the Christmas lights, etc. Here are a few things we’ve gathered from past parade goers.

Small PVC pipe

Power Inverter

Zip ties

Duck tape

Christmas lights/Rope lights (LED lights would work best)

Blow-up Christmas yard decorations

Of course all are optional but having most or all of these incorporated into your float would have an amazing outcome. It all really depends on how far you want to take it!

All of these are going to be dependent on the design of your float. Some boaters will deck out every inch possible, others will create a small structure from PVC pipe and add lights to it. Like mentioned above, we’ve even seen blow up Christmas decorations added to floats as well! The sky is the limit. We are extremely excited for this years parade and we can’t wait to see you all out there!!