Boating in the Ocean


You can take your boat to any body of water, as long as it is equipped for that environment. Some boaters want to stay strictly within bodies of freshwater, while others like to venture out and use their boats in salt water as well. Each has its pro’s and con’s. Keep in mind that using your boat in salt water, is a whole other way of doing things.

If you are in an area where you are able to beach your boat, make sure to approach at a slow pace. Keep an eye out for objects in the water such as rocks, debris, or even children who often like to play in the shallower water on the beach. Make sure to raise the lower unit up a little, and give it a little gas until you come to a stop.

If you want to get of the boat and spend some time on the beach exploring, make sure you set an anchor or secure your boat. You wouldn’t want your boat leaving without you!

Also if you have help, you may be able to push your boat out when you’re ready to head home. Make sure you lower the prop, then you are able to put it in reverse and wave goodbye to the shore line!