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Homemade Sunscreen Stick

When your an avid boater and you are out on the water for most of your spare time, it is important to wear the proper protection from the sun. If it’s a hat, shirt, sunglasses or a few layers of sunscreen it is still important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays! But if you are one… Read more »


Buying a boat is not as scary as some people make it out to be. Like buying anything really, with buying a boat, prices vary depending on size and make. But now a days, many dealers or manufacturers can help you become a proud boat owner for less than a new car payment a month! And for… Read more »

New vs. Pre-Owned

  To buy new or used, that is the question! This may be the toughest question for new boat buyers, but the answer is a lot easier to come by than you think. It all depends on you, the buyer. Your final decision boils down to your budget, your taste, and sometimes your mechanical knowledge. Take a… Read more »

Insuring Your Boat

When it comes to boat insurance, there is no time to mess around! Our Sales Team here at Regal and Nautique work along side Marker 5 to help select the best boat insurance for you and your family. Here are a few things to know and keep in mind when shopping around. What are the types of coverage? Your… Read more »

Boat Storage

  When looking for the boat that’s the best fit for you and your family, one of the biggest questions you should ask yourself is where you’re going to keep it when you’re not using it. Three things that play into your “pre-purchase equation,” is it convenient, is it in your budget, and is the… Read more »

Keep it Clean

With each New Year, resolutions are made. Some are met and some fall through. This year let’s make a resolution among us boaters to keep our water ways clean. We’ve all mentioned this in passing or some have read countless blogs on it before, one probably from a previous blog here, but taking part in… Read more »

The right Dock for you!

When purchasing a boat there is a lot of thought that goes into what’s best for you and your family. Of course you’ll want a boat that fits your needs out on the water, but what about fitting the dock. You’ll want to make sure that your dock at home fits the boat you’re looking… Read more »

Checklist for Beginners

Being a new boat owner is an amazing feat! If your wanting to keep that care-free feeling, you’ll want to make sure your doing everything you can to continue smooth rides out on the water. This can start with the proper checklist to get your day started. 1.Check weather report and tides/currents 2.File a float… Read more »

Top 100

For some, the term “Top 100” is not heard of or even known. You may have seen it mentioned in a few of our posts or tagged in some of our pictures. Regal and Nautique of Orlando is named #20 in 2016 Boating Industry Top 100 list. Recognized as one of the top boat dealers… Read more »

Fishing Responsibly

Finding a hobby you truly love is a luxury. It can stimulate your creative side as well as help you to relax when times get hard. Fishing is a popular hobby among boat owners. With all of the excitement also comes a lot of responsibility. There so much out there now that can effect our… Read more »

Anchor Your Boat

If you love boating by day or spending the night out on the water, you need to know the proper way to anchor your boat. While there are a lot of situations that can occur, with basic knowledge you can master these skills in no time at all. If done properly, your boat will stay… Read more »

Good Boating Manners

There are a lot of articles and blogs out there about boating for beginners. But in all honesty there couldn’t be enough! Owning a boat is a big investment, probably one of the biggest in your lifetime. While owning your own vessel is an amazing accomplishment, there are rules and or strict guidelines that you… Read more »

At the Dock

Docking your boat can be tricky, and very overwhelming if this is your first time operating a boat. There will be those veterans at the dock offering up some words of wisdom but in the event you are riding solo on this adventure, here are 3 basic guidelines to help you dock your boat safely…. Read more »

Tips for Smart Boating

Taking your boat to new waters is what it’s all about! Exploring new areas and creating new memories are some of the best joys of boating. But making sure you and your passengers are safe while on the water is number one! Here are a few key points to keep in mind while traveling on… Read more »

Vessel Requirements

There are just a few things that may take the fun out of boating but the one that takes the cake is getting a violation while on a lake or river! If you do get pulled over there are always a few must have items to make sure you are sent on your merry way!… Read more »

Wakeboarding Anyone!?

With wakeboarding becoming more popular, there are younger kids out there wanting to join in on the sport. Starting to teach them at a young age is the best, as is to any new hobby or skill. But as we know not all of us have had access to a boat let alone a wake… Read more »

Boating in the Ocean

You can take your boat to any body of water, as long as it is equipped for that environment. Some boaters want to stay strictly within bodies of freshwater, while others like to venture out and use their boats in salt water as well. Each has its pro’s and con’s. Keep in mind that using… Read more »

Trailering your Boat

When trailering your boat to the dock, it’s important to do a few practice runs before hitting the main road. It’s just like learning to drive for the first time, only this time you have a massive boat trailered to your vehicle. No one wants to arrive at the dock and not know a thing about… Read more »

Bilge Maintenance

For those who are new to the boating game or for those who are doing their research on boats, the bilge is where your boat truly meets the water. The bilge is the most effected by the water surrounding it. If the bilge on your boat gains bacteria from not keeping up with proper maintenance, then this… Read more »

Docking Tips

When you’re done from a long day of boating with friends and family you’re tired. And all you want to do is hook up your boat and call it a day. But let’s not forget the proper steps it takes to hook your boat up successfully to ensure your next trip is smooth sailing. Get… Read more »

Boat Repairs

When dealing with issues that need repair on your boat you have two ways of looking at it. The bad news is that it’s something that definitely needs to be fixed. The good news however, is that you might be able to fix it yourself. Here are a few things to take into consideration before… Read more »

Selling your Boat?

When it comes to selling items (like a boat), the first impression is the most important. We all like to think looks aren’t everything, but when your wanting to sell your boat, this is at the top of the list! Making sure your boat looks almost as good as new will help you get as… Read more »

A Leak? Where?!

What is one fear that’s always haunting boat owners? Water in their boat! No one likes a a random leak happening when they are out on the water. There are always ways to avoid stress and panic when you have a plan of action in place for such an occasion. Well, the obvious place to… Read more »

Water Sports!

Everyone knows about the fun water sports that are involved in boating. But for the families that are new to boating, it will take a little while to find your niche. Here are a few helpful facts about the water sports you’re interested in and how they may affect your choice in buying a particular… Read more »

Boating in the Dark!

Everyone loves a good sunset, especially the sunsets in Florida. And what better way to view a sunset than out on the water? For some new boaters that may seem a little scary. Have no fear; there are a few (common sense) rules about boating in the dark! Slow down: Just like driving in the… Read more »

It’s That Time!

For some people, the boating season is a few months out of the year. But lucky for us Floridians, the boating season is pretty much all year round .  With that, there are definitely some perks with boating year-round. It’s less crowded! It’s awesome to see that the start of the new school year brings… Read more »

Florida Treasures

Florida has some pretty amazing places for boaters and tourists alike! Here are just a few places to make sure you’ve checked off your boating bucket list! Jacksonville/St. Augustine With first-class marinas, ship supply stores, amazing hotels and five-star restaurants, this city definitely caters to the boating crowd. There is ample dockage downtown, including the Metropolitan… Read more »

Ready for Anything

You can never be too safe when it comes to boating. People may think that certain issues or problems won’t happen to them when in all reality they aren’t out of the clear from freak accidents.  That’s why one can never be too safe. Here are three checklists that can to ensure that your trip… Read more »

Launching your Boat

There aren’t any written rules about launching your boat at the ramp. There is however a few guidelines that should be followed out of respect for other boaters as well as everyone’s safety. Here are a few things to keep in mind while getting your boat in the water. – Look out for the young… Read more »

Mildew be Gone!

  Being out on the water for most of its life, it’s no wonder your boat has to put up a fight against mildew. Mildew is not something any boat owner wants to deal with. Its gross, smells horrible and is very unappealing to the eye. If you want to keep your boat fresh, you’re… Read more »

What to Clean and How

  No matter how new your boat is, weathering over a small amount of time can cause it to look older than its age. Water damage, rust, even sun damage are just some elements that can affect your boat. Don’t let this scare you or push you away from purchasing your dream boat! There are ways… Read more »

Adding Years

Staying current on oil changes, inspecting your boat regularly, and making sure everyone is up to date on proper procedures are the basics. We all know those tips for proper boating and maintenance. But what about the unknown (but more than not) common issues? There may be unseen problems that your boat may have, just need to make sure… Read more »

Top Cleaning Products

Taking care of your boat is easy when you have the proper cleaning products. The real issue is when you aren’t sure of the right product to use in a certain circumstance. Here are a few cleaning items that you probably didn’t know you needed! Calk Primer: It may be tempting to use Life-Calk all… Read more »

Weathering the Storm!

No one can predict the weather in full detail. We as humans like to think we can but in all reality we just have general information. There is no way to know the outcome of a storm before it happens, but the best thing we can do is to try and be prepared for anything,… Read more »

Essentials for Boating

While asking around, the answer to the question, “What’s your favorite activity to do in the summer?” the majority answer, “being out on our boat!” While enjoying the day on the water there are a few things that are essential to having an awesome trip. Snacks, and more snacks! If you are lucky to have… Read more »


After some searching, we have come across (in our opinion) two of the coolest towables on the market! But fair warning, these aren’t for the weak stomached! Two Passenger Airhead Revolution! It may be on the upper scale as far as price, but we think the thrill of this ride will be worth every penny!… Read more »

Phones in Water?

Making memories is probably one of the greatest things in life. And what better way to capture these memories than with a photo! Some of the best memories are with family and friends, doing an activity that collectively makes everyone happy, like being on a boat! But water and electronics don’t really mix well. Luckily… Read more »

A Friendly Reminder

We all love a good wake, especially when you’re really getting into wake surfing or even just starting out. That perfect wake is something we all dream about. But to what extent will we go to in order to get it? There have been more and more incidents popping up when it comes to boaters… Read more »

Something New

For those who love anything to do with being outdoors (and not just something to do with boating) here are a few great camping sites we’ve found out by the water. Camping in Florida may not sound ideal due to hot temperatures and let’s not forget the bugs, but here are a few places that just… Read more »

Infants and Boating

There is a lot of questions out there about when it’s appropriate to bring an infant boating. In reality, having a baby should not stop you from boating at all! There are proper precautions to take of course, and here are a few tips to help make your decision a little easier. If you think about… Read more »