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Orlando Boat Show

We are just in time for the Orlando Boat show, which means a lot of people are going to be looking at buying boats or comparing different models. This probably means many of them are making a first-time investment on their boat. With that being said, this leave may mean a few potential problems for… Read more »

Boating with Pets

Boating with dogs can create some of the greatest memories. It’s always an awesome time when your four legged friends find the water just as relaxing and/or fun as you do! With that being said, we need to take as much precaution with these family members as our human family members and friends.  Here are a… Read more »

Float Plan App

As most boaters know, or should know, it is very important to file a float plan before you leave the dock. The main concern with boaters now-a-days is that these plans tend to be very long and to be honest, useless to the recreational boater. Luckily, with today’s technology, they have created an app and… Read more »

The Perfect Pair

Just like protecting your skin, protecting your eyes out on the water is just as important! The glare that the sun gives off the water sends many harmful UV rays into your line of vision. When you’re out on the water you need to try and combat those rays and one simple way to do… Read more »

Clean Water

With all of the different chemicals that go into any products we use, whether it be for cleaning or sprucing up our boats, it is important we make sure that we are doing everything it takes to keep our waters clean. We have decided to share a few tips on ways to ensure cleaner waters, and a better… Read more »

Boating Apps

If you are looking to add some new boating apps to your smartphone, here are a few that might prove their worth. We’ve compiled a list of the best boating apps out there to help you navigate, plan, share and socialize out on the water! 1. When we speak to boaters and ask them what GPS… Read more »

Keep Your Cool

Having a boat is amazing, and probably one of the best investments you can have in Florida. Everyone, no matter their age loves being out on the water. Going to the pool and the beach can be monotonous. And these water parks in Florida can be a little pricey and overcrowded. But being on a… Read more »

2017 Nautiques

The year is half way over and with 2017 peaking around the corner, its only right to share a few new upgrades that Nautique has for us! We all love the next big thing; flashy, stylized, and custom boats are easier to come by with amazing new gel coat, and thread colors! These 2017 Nautique… Read more »

Love Boating?

Now-a-days, there is little conversation and little connection between one another, other than our phones or technical devices. It’s about time we get back to face to face conversation. Here are just a few reasons we at Regal and Nautique love boating! As humans, we tend to get stuck in a rut. But having a boat… Read more »

Pass the Handle

  There are many joys in life, but nothing like seeing a kid smile while trying something fun and new! There is a mission to share the passion for towed water sports worldwide! This year will be the third annual #PassTheHandle day! It will take place on July 24, 2016. Industry members will “make the… Read more »