Custom Upgrades

Custom Upgrades

Our team can install wakeboard towers, LED underwater lights, custom ballast tanks, audio systems, and more!

Call for approximate estimates on custom installations.
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Custom Internal Ballast Upgrade for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing – 2007 220 Super Air Nautique

– Fat Sacs in each rear storage locker (400lb each)
– Fat Sacs under each Starboard and Port rear seats (260lb each)
– Fat Sac under the Bow seats

Total 1520lb

Three Switches are installed by Factor Ballast Switches. To fill Starboard, the driver clicks one switch. A new valve allows the driver to fill only the rear locker Fat Sacs separately from the Fat Sacs under the seat.

For more information on upgrading your wake for wakeboarding and wakesurfing or questions on your own custom boat upgrade call 407-425-2628.

Custom tower lighting as well as underwater light installation and custom tower speakers/sound system.