Docking Tips


When you’re done from a long day of boating with friends and family you’re tired. And all you want to do is hook up your boat and call it a day. But let’s not forget the proper steps it takes to hook your boat up successfully to ensure your next trip is smooth sailing. Get it? Here are a few things to remember when hooking your boat up at the ramp.

Make sure you put the drain plugs back in. It’s simple, but you’d be surprised at how often boat owners forget it. Be on the safe side and double-check. Maybe even triple check. Better to be safe than sorry.

Not all boats have a large amount of electronic equipment, but if you have a lot of optional accessories like stereos, light’s, etc. now is the time to turn them off.

If, for any reason, you’ve had to use a repair kit for an emergency seal, make sure you check that seal before leaving your boat.

Your boat is a big investment, probably one of the biggest investments that you will make. Keeping track of all of the dos and don’ts when owning your boat may be a little overwhelming. Type all of the check lists you need on one sheet of paper, get it laminated and keep it on your boat at all times. That way if you need a refresher its right there for you.