At the Dock


Docking your boat can be tricky, and very overwhelming if this is your first time operating a boat. There will be those veterans at the dock offering up some words of wisdom but in the event you are riding solo on this adventure, here are 3 basic guidelines to help you dock your boat safely.

Take it slow; go at a pace that is most comfortable for you. Yes you want to make sure you go with the boat traffic as well but don’t let that control how you dock your own vessel. Don’t feel pressured to get it perfect every time. The most experienced boaters take a few passes before getting it right. If docking your boat is something that you’re most worried about you can always be sure to ask our sales team when demoing the boat for you to go over some pointers.

We are all familiar with the saying, “practice makes perfect?” So why wouldn’t it apply to this? The boaters that dock their boat quick and painlessly are the ones that do it most often. Take the boat out, a lot. Even if it is mainly for practicing at the dock, it will help. Go during a time that there isn’t a lot of traffic at the ramp so you aren’t rushed or feel like all eyes are on you.

Utilize your surroundings. If you’ve got plenty of room to work with, start with a bigger angle and work your way in nice and slow. If its windy out, let that be your guide, let it move you where you need to be, then take it from there. The biggest pointer would be just to relax and take it one turn of the wheel at a time! You will get it, eventually!