Do’s and Don’ts

In any activity we engage in, there is a right and a wrong way of doing things. These tips aren’t to ruin someone’s time or add more work to your boating day, it’s just to make sure that everyone is abiding by the same rules. It keeps everyone equal and the most important part, it keeps everyone safe! So we have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts while out on your boat!


•Travel only in areas open to your type of boat.
•Carry a Coast Guard approved life vest (PFD) for each person on board.
•Always travel at speeds regulated in that specific area
•Always designate a lookout for other boaters or swimmers nearby
•Make a strong effort to always go boating with a partner
•Make sure you have enough fuel and oil for your trip
•Carry a trash bag clean up after your selves. Always try and clean up after others as well.

•Do not disturb historical, archeological or paleontological sites.
•Avoid “spooking” wildlife you encounter and keep your distance.
•Don’t mix boating with alcohol or drugs.
•Never jump a wake. If crossing a wake, cross at low speeds and keep a close lookout for passengers being towed behind the boat.
•Don’t be disrespectful to others around you. Keep the noise down, especially around shore.
•Avoid sensitive areas including seasonal nesting or breeding areas.
•Be courteous and try not to block the ramp.
•Don’t pass too closely to other boats, especially at cruising speed.
•Make sure to look at your surroundings, don’t anchor too close to another boat.

All in all, don’t do onto others that you wouldn’t want done to you!