Eco Friendly

When buying a boat, you probably have a million questions that come to mind. So many that you feel overwhelmed about taking the next step to actually purchase the boat. Before you enter the show room, doing some research on your own will help the process run smoothly. There are countless blogs and articles about all things boating. To help ease your mind we are continuing keep you up to date with new information on topics you are interested in learning about.

One big question that is becoming more regularly discussed is, “How is boating effecting our environment?”

Whether your in the market for your first boat or your 10th, its important to learn about the new technology being used in the boat your looking to buy. This in turn may help with your decision. With strict emissions standards, today’s high-tech engines burn little fuel, leaving little behind in their wake and won’t disturb the beauty on the water with a lot of noise. Today’s fuel-efficient engines are easy on the environment… and your wallet, which is something I know we ALL can get behind!