Essentials for Boating

While asking around, the answer to the question, “What’s your favorite activity to do in the summer?” the majority answer, “being out on our boat!” While enjoying the day on the water there are a few things that are essential to having an awesome trip.

Snacks, and more snacks! If you are lucky to have a built in cooler onboard your boat then pack it up and head out! If you do not have a cooler on your boat have no fear! Pack your biggest cooler to the brim and bring it onboard! This way, you are ready for a long day out on the water with no need for food stops! Make sure to prepare snacks and other food items before getting on the boat. It saves space and cleanup!

Take pictures… People tend to shy away from using their phone near the water let alone taking their phone on their boat! Now days, there is no reason for us not to be able to use our phones near or in water. There are great water proof phone cases out on the market for iPhone and even Androids. If these waterproof cases are a little out of your budget then there are what they call phone pouches. It’s just what it sounds like and they are about a fourth of the price! So there is no excuse not to take some awesome photos out on the boat!

Bring on the fun… Everyone loves to go for a nice relaxing boat ride, enjoy a good book on the lake and soak up the sun on the platform. But there is more fun to be had! From finding the perfect towables for you and your family to wakeboards and surfboards all the way to footballs and pool noodles. There is something for all ages to enjoy!

Bring Extra Towels… No one thinks to bring more towels then there are people on the boat, but nobody likes a soggy towel! With playing games, doing a cannon ball into the water creating a massive splash, and climbing back into the boat, those towels laying around are perfect targets for getting soaked with water! Pack a few more towels, you won’t be sorry.

*Helpful hint* Some may see packing extra towels and a waste of space, but if you fold your towel in half (long ways) then roll them in to cylinders, you save time and space!

We hope you have many fun and successful days out on the water!