Facts about Moombas

As with any brand, Moomba has several different styles to choose from. Mojo, Craz, and Mondo are the styles of boat you will come across. Moomba has also welcomed their newest style to its family, the Helix! Here are some basic facts about each boat to help you determine what Moomba is best for you!

Mojo: At 23 feet, it boasts all the room you need for every rider in your crew and an interior with the comforts you’d expect from a class leading tow-boat! The Mojo is powered by the industry leading Raptor by Indmar 6.2L engine, paired with Moomba’s Auto-Flow system, the Mojo makes waves that excite even the most expensive competitors!

Craz: This boat delivers superior wakes and surf waves with ease! The Craz features a refined version of the Mojo hull and measuring at 22 feet. It’s powered by the industry leading Raptor by Indmar 6.2L engine with features designed for serious wakeboard and wakesurf enthusiasts!

Mondo: This 21 foot Mondo is said to be a “pint-sized performer!” But don’t be fooled, if you take one run behind this boat and you see the pro level surf waves and wakes it offers! With power from the standard Raptor engine, and enough room for everyone, you will see that the Mondo lives up to its name!

Helix: Brand new to the Moomba family, the helix provides a hefty list of standard features for an amazing day out on the water! Combine that with its unique style at an industry best price! The 20’5” Helix comes with Raptor Power, Kicker Audio and other amazing features to make this the best performing entry towboat in the market, hands down!

All in all, if you are looking for an adventure on the water with amazing waves and wakes then a Moomba is the boat for you!