Holidays on your Boat!

When boating is involved every day is a holiday. There is always a reason to be out enjoying the weather almost every weekend. Every chance you get you’ll want to be out on the water, wakeboarding, swimming, and even fishing for some! There is always a reason to celebrate the day, from a promotion at work, to your kid getting a part in the school play. But what about those holidays that are perfect for boating or being out by the lake in general? Of course any holiday, or day for that matter is best spent on your boat! But we want you to make the most of it. Here are a few holidays we could think of that are perfect for taking off that boat cover and pulling out the towables!

Independence, Labor, and Memorial Day are probably the top three holidays that are most celebrated out on the water! For no particular reason really, other than the weather being perfect and honoring those who have served and our country with family and friends. The majority of us see fit to celebrate on a boat! Which no one is complaining about of course. Grabbing a few hamburgers and hotdogs are always a go to staple for these celebrations and enjoying the weather with an ice cold drink with friends, what more could you ask for?

The other holidays most likely to be celebrated on the water would be Mother’s and Father’s Day! We all know that these holidays are important to celebrate the two people who have done everything under the sun for us! So what better way to show your appreciation than to throw a BBQ party out by the lake with family and friends? Just like the other holidays, grilling out is a very popular forum. Pulling out the life vests, wakeboards and towables are always great starts to a long and fun filled day.

Make sure you have everything planned out to enjoy the day on your boat.