Insider Tips on Boat Shows

We all know that people make a New Year’s resolution every single year. We also know that many of us may not follow through with them. Maybe this year you wanted to spend more time with family and friends, learn something new, or spend more time exploring or being active. Or maybe you have a long standing resolution of finally buying the boat of your dreams. This is your year! Follow through on that resolution and explore the ever changing world of boating!

 Throughout the year, hundreds of boat shows are held around the country. They provide a taste of what the boating lifestyle is, deals on boats for every budget, and an opportunity to compare boat brands side-by-side. If you are new to the boating industry, these boat shows can be overwhelming. If you’ve done your research however; boat shows can be a blast! Here are a few pointers we think will help you on your journey to finding your future boat!

 Virtually find the boat of your dreams first. What we mean by that is, before visiting a boat show check out the brands your most interested in online. Almost all of their websites offer a chance to “build your boat.” You can pic the model of boat you’re looking for that will suit your needs best, and then comes the fun part. You can custom build your dream boat and have a better picture of what you’re looking for when cruising the boat show floor.

 You can make the most of show pricing by knowing your budget before stepping foot on that floor. It helps to know what fits in your budget before shopping. Since one of the best times to buy a boat is at a boat show, exhibitors generally offer special show pricing and other incentives. Don’t hesitate to do your research beforehand as well. All of the knowledge you can collect will help in all aspects of buying a boat.

 Learn the ropes (literally and figuratively speaking.) One thing shoppers don’t think of are the awesome classes and seminars these boat shows offer. Look for interactive workshops, seminars, etc.. It’s fun to learn new skills, but it will benefit you greatly to take advantage of the onsite training these boat shows offer. Some skills include knot-tying, DIY boat maintenance, and much more.

 Thinking back to your resolution of wanting to spend time with family and friends, why not bring the whole gang? Boat shows often offer free activities to keep the kids entertained, including fishing, paddlesports, and more. Plus, it helps to make boat buying a family decision.