It’s That Time!


For some people, the boating season is a few months out of the year. But lucky for us Floridians, the boating season is pretty much all year round .  With that, there are definitely some perks with boating year-round.

It’s less crowded! It’s awesome to see that the start of the new school year brings changes in traffic (around certain parts of town anyway). The same can be said for being out on the water.  Lines at gas stations disappear, lines at the dock are significantly smaller, or how about that awesome dockside restaurant that you never got a chance to check out is finally clear! It’s all yours.

For those of you who also enjoy more leisure time out on the water, this is the perfect time to bring out those fishing poles and hit the water. The crisp cool air and sunshine make for the best time to be out. If fishing isn’t your thing, grab a good book and a blanket or pack a nice picnic for you and your family and enjoy the scenery!

With boating in general its always easy to lose track of time, but in the fall just make sure you are keeping on top of it. When it gets darker outside earlier in the day just make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Safety is always the most important.