Wakeboarding Anyone!?


With wakeboarding becoming more popular, there are younger kids out there wanting to join in on the sport. Starting to teach them at a young age is the best, as is to any new hobby or skill. But as we know not all of us have had access to a boat let alone a wake board at a young age. So we have to start somewhere. There are many questions that new boat owners have. The 2 top questions most people ask when it comes to wakeboarding is how do I know what size board to purchase, and how do I know what foot should be forward when wakeboarding. Here are a few things to look for when trying to answer those common questions.

One thing to start with when getting into wakeboarding, is knowing which foot you want forward. Doing some research on what you can to do determine that, there’s been one test that works every time. Have the future wakeboarder stand in an open space. Without them knowing, push them from behind with enough momentum, they have to catch themselves by putting one foot forward. If this seems a little barbarian to you, have a few large pillows or blankets laid out in front of the future rider. The foot that automatically comes forward is their front foot. A lot of times when doing this to someone new, they say “ I’m right-handed, so I should right-footed too!” Not necessarily.

When it comes to choosing a board size that can vary. Most people tend to lean toward skill level and weight to decipher the length of board they would be getting. Also take into account your height. There have been tests such as having the wakeboard stand on end next to you, the board should come up and fit under your arm pit. If the board ends up being a little taller than anticipated, that’s ok. Larger wakeboards tend to be easier to learn on. There is more surface area for the rider to rely on as a platform on the water. The larger the board is, the harder it is to do tricks. But once you have your footing with the larger board, then you can shift to a smaller board for more advanced riding.