Low Lake Levels

With dryer weeks ahead, Florida boaters aren’t too thrilled to deal with these shallow waters. Low water levels and exposed lake bottoms maybe unattractive to many and can interfere with recreational activities. However, fluctuating water levels are normal and actually beneficial for Florida’s lakes. The single greatest factor affecting water levels in Florida’s lakes is rainfall, either directly or indirectly from storm-water runoff and shallow groundwater seepage.

The fluctuations that bring extremely low water levels benefit the entire ecosystem. A few but major benefits are; growth of new vegetation on exposed lakes. As well as improved habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms, and improved water quality.

The fluctuations that bring extremely high water levels also provide environmental benefits, including: rehydration of wetland vegetation and soils. Improved wildlife habitat through plant growth and soil hydration, and improved water quality through the settling and removal of pollutants are the other most common benefits.

We all know how important it is to have our lake levels up to par with what we need to enjoy our weekends on the water, but it’s also good for the long term boaters to let the natural ebb and flow of nature to occur.