Nautique G25!

As most of you have seen, we have a few blogs up here to help you pick the right brand, trailer, etc. for your boating experience. But we’ve never gone into detail about each boat and the pro’s and con’s it might have for each boat owner. We highly doubt there can be any cons when looking at any boat really! But by popular demand, here is the first of many blogs explaining a few key details of each boat to further your decision in getting the boat of your dreams.

The Super Air Nautique G25 is the mack daddy for all water sports. The legendary G-series performs with 25 feet of precision handling and the wake and wave that have defined a new generation. The G-series was custom tailored to every level of riding and surfing.

 With Features like the Nautique Surf System, every wake is customizable to each rider, from beginner to advanced. Offering full adjustability, the WAVEPLATE extends outward and down from the transom to intercept and redirect the flow of water forming a wave. NSS allows surfers to switch sides instantly without the need to offload ballast or people and fine-tune the wave with variable settings that adjust steepness and shape by controlling exactly how much the WAVEPLATE is engaged. Working side by side with the NSS the Nautique Surf Select gives surfers the ability to customize their ride from behind the boat at the touch of a button.

 If you are one to have all of your friends and family with you enjoying a day out on the water, then this 25 foot beast of a boat is the perfect fit for you. With room for up to 19 people, you can’t go wrong!

 We hope these facts help gear you towards your final decision when buying a boat. We know there are many factors and details that one would want to gain knowledge on. Give us a call to set up a demo on your future G25!