Phones in Water?

Making memories is probably one of the greatest things in life. And what better way to capture these memories than with a photo! Some of the best memories are with family and friends, doing an activity that collectively makes everyone happy, like being on a boat! But water and electronics don’t really mix well. Luckily there are several companies out there that are ahead of the game and are making cases and protective covers for phones so you can take pictures near and even underwater! Of course we are naturally a little skeptical when it comes to hundreds of dollars’ worth of electronics coming in contact with water but here are some great products that we have personally used or that have outstanding reviews! There are a few full cases for phones on amazon as well as covers to slip your phone into.


FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Cover, $8 on

If you don’t like waterproof cases and you’re on a smaller budget, then try this universal waterproof smartphone bag. It will fit an iPhone and most Android smartphones, and keep them safe from water damage during your water filled adventures!


ZVE Waterproof Case is $20 on

Still staying within a reasonable budget, $20 will get you this highly rated waterproof case for iPhone 6 and 7 by ZVE. It’s a little more bulky than your average phone case, but it will protect your smartphone and be easy on your budget.


Lifeproof FRE Case for $49 on

Still within a decent range for your budget, this is another waterproof case for iPhone 6 and 7 that meets military standards for drop protection. The case gives easy access to all buttons and ports of the smartphone. With all it offers, it is also one of the more sleek designs out there with several colors to choose from.


tech21 Evo Xplorer Case for $90 on

If you have a little more to splurge, these cases by tech21 features not only the company’s excellent impact-absorbing material, but also amazing protection against water, dust, and snow. This case is a little pricey, but arguably the best of its kind.