Ready for Anything

You can never be too safe when it comes to boating. People may think that certain issues or problems won’t happen to them when in all reality they aren’t out of the clear from freak accidents.  That’s why one can never be too safe. Here are three checklists that can to ensure that your trip out on your boat is as safe as can be.

A checklist for your guests is one place to start. We all have friends and family join us for a day, or a weekend. For the comfort and sanity of your guests and your peace of mind, make sure to brief your guests about the boat, where things are, procedures, and what not to do. Make sure to go over this check list with your crew before you take off on the water.

In case of emergencies, an emergency check list will be the savior. In addition to the checklist to brief your passengers, it’s a good idea to create an Emergency checklist. You as the boat owner might have the only experience on the boat. So in that case, make sure this check list is easy to follow for the other passengers accompanying you on the water.

To help avoid embarrassing mistakes a general procedures checklist will be your best friend to have on the boat with you. In time, you may internalize the various things to be done but creating the list and referring to it will help commit those tasks to memory.