Regal 1900 ESX

For those of you in the market for a starter boat, one that will allow you to have the option of watersports but also a chance to relax and experience more leisure time on the water then a Regal is what you should be looking at.

Let’s talk about the Regal 1900 ESX. With all of its features, sleek graphics, and amazing storage it’s not fair to call it “entry level.” The 1900 ESX also has a FasTrac Hull that focuses on 30% better fuel efficiency. It gives you more control on the water, with up to 26% faster speeds.

If you are one with many friends and are worried about the seating, the multi-position backrest gives you the functionality of a bucket seat, combined with the social cockpit of arena seating. As well as a spacious sunpad to soak up the sun and spend time with friends. If you love to anchor your boat and enjoy a dip in the refreshing water, the swim platform is easy to board and completely covers the drive. One option that first time boaters usually ask us about is if there is a stereo system. On the 1900 ESX the Fusion radio has full integration for your smart phone, which can be enclosed in a waterproof uni-dock.