Regal Boats

As with any brand, Regal Boats has several different styles to choose from. Bowrider, Cuddy, Deckboat, Express Cruiser, and Sport Coupe are the styles of boats you will come across. Here are some basic facts about each boat to help you determine what Regal is best for you!

Bowrider: A type of boat in the runabout category. Ideal for day cruising and watersports, including fishing. Bowriders range in size anywhere from 17 to 35 feet. Typically they are powered by inboard stern drives, from 130 to 850 horsepower, but outboard engines are also an option. Boaters are drawn to bowriders because of the open bow. The extra room increases the seating capacity between 6 and 16 passengers.

Cuddy: Unlike bowriders and deck boats, cuddy cabin boats, or cuddies as they are sometimes called, have an enclosed deck which provides an enclosed space for sleeping berths, toilets and cooking gear. They range from 18 to 28 feet. Cuddy cabin boats are made for both sport and comfort. The extra amenities of a galley and sleeping area make them perfect for day trips, or sometimes overnight stays. They are also sporty and maneuverable, like bowriders and deck boats, boaters can ski, tube and wakeboard.

Deck Boat: Regal Boats has taken its FasTrac hull design and combined it with an all-new deckboat cockpit layout to provide the best of both worlds. Studies found the 24 FasDeck to be just as roomy as it was sporty to handle. With an innovative aft sun lounge and arena seating this boat can handle crowds aboard and water sports with ease.

Express Cruiser: For those longing to move up from a bowrider to a cruiser, Regal has an enticing model. The Express Cruiser will not only allay any uneasiness about being able to handle a larger boat, but it has enough seating to accommodate plenty of people for cruising, and two couples in private berths down below. On deck the Express Cruiser has convertible seating that allows for enjoying the ride, the company or the sun. It’s all about choices and this boat offers plenty of them.

Sport Coupe: The newer model Sport Coupe comes in three possible main deck layouts and three different accommodation layout options, one including three staterooms. In addition, Regal makes available a wide variety of fabrics and materials for the interior. We think these changes make an exciting yacht much more functional for a wider range of owner applications.