Selling your Boat?


When it comes to selling items (like a boat), the first impression is the most important. We all like to think looks aren’t everything, but when your wanting to sell your boat, this is at the top of the list! Making sure your boat looks almost as good as new will help you get as close to your desired price as possible! But it is important to make sure the inside of your boat all the way to the engine looks as good as the outside!

You want to make sure that you have kept up with proper engine maintenance while owning your boat. This will make it very easy to get through that final tune up before the sale. One thing to be sure of, is to present a clean bilge and working bilge pump when your boat is on the market.

If there is engine, mechanical or electrical repairs to be done, they should be addressed prior to your boat being put up for sale. This will help make the transition from one owner to another as easy as possible.

When buying a boat you never have the thought of selling it in the future. How you take care of your boat when it is in your ownership will make it easier to sell down the road.  Make sure you take the time to really wax and polish your boat and make it shine for prospective buyers!

Over the course of owning a boat (no matter how well you keep up with it) things can happen. A tear in the canvas, tears in your seats, worn deck carpet, etc. Do as much as possible to make sure these issues are addressed before putting your boat out there for buyers to see.

Excess moisture is a big issue for boat owners, and can become an unruly problem if neglected. If there are any signs of mildew both able to be seen or even smelled, this can potentially ruin a sale. If you have any questions on how to go about getting rid of mildew, check out our blog entry on how to get rid of mildew itself at

Take pride in owning your boat. And take pride in selling it as well. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, what would you want to see from a pre-owned boat?