Shannon Sahinbas

Shannon Sahinbas

When people think of wakeboarding, most automatically think, “Male Dominated Sport.” But let’s be real, the women are giving the men a run for their money! Shannon Sahinbas displays a passion for wakeboarding like no other. Her fun descriptive words for this sport truly show the love she has for being on the water. At just 16 years old, Shannon has accomplished some big feats in towed watersports! Not only is she a beast at wakeboarding but she shows some serious skill in wakesurfing as well.

How long have you been riding?

I have been riding for 5 seasons now. I signed with Regal & Nautique as a team rider at the beginning of 2017. I’m extremely excited to see where this year takes me. I can definitely tell the difference in wakes from my Master Craft X30 to my boat now, the Nautique G23. I’ve felt more confident in competitions with this boat, it has made it really easy to go in and ride well!

What spiked your interest in towed water sports?

Well I’ve always lived on a lake and wakeboarding has always been the sport I wanted to try since I was little. I instantly fell in love with it and it’s been smooth sailing ever since! My family being involved in watersports also plays a big part in my passion for wakeboarding. My mom was a water skier and my dad loves to scuba dive. I’ve been in some sort of activity on the water my entire life.

What has been your favorite event to compete in?

Honestly, my favorite event this year would have to be Wake Open! I was super stoked for this event, and took the win! It was just a fun experience all around with all of the pros being there. Not to mention watching all of the younger kids ride as well. It was great seeing everyone from different ages coming together to enjoy this sport.

Do you have a trick that you perform best?

I would have to say my favorite trick is my Wrapped Toe Back 3. I learned that about two years ago from my coach JD Webb! This trick is super unique and not a lot of other people are doing it. I just enjoy spinning backside; I think it super “stylely!”

Is there a ritual you have before you compete?

Well, it’s not really a ritual but I just try and make sure I’m stretched out beforehand. I make sure all of my equipment is together and ready to go.

What boat model is your favorite from Nautique?

Hands down it’s definitely the G23! I love the wake this boat puts out, and to be honest, I think this particular G23 (referring to her boat) throws out one of the biggest wakes in our industry right now. I love it… its just super peaky and everyone else loves to come out and ride behind it. Everything on it is just really set up nicely!

Shannon’s sites are set high for 2018! With recently undergoing knee surgery, all she can think about is coming back stronger and better than ever. Focused on rehabilitation, Shannon has started plotting her goals for this next season!