Smart Buyer Program


This time of year, the 2019 model boats are starting to fill our showrooms. Eye-catching color options and new technology are just some options brought to life to deliver the boat you’ve been dreaming about for you and your family. The changeover of the model year doesn’t just signify new 2019 models; it marks a reset of the calendar year for boat buying. If you’re considering a boat in the future, read below to see what smart boat buyers are doing to get the most of their purchase

Boat manufacturer’s employ hundreds of workers to handcraft each and every boat. In order to streamline production, raw material purchasing, and employ their skilled craftsmen throughout all 12 months of the year, manufacturers must offer the largest discount in the fall to stimulate sales when demand is at its lowest. Fall is without-a-doubt the best time in the model year to purchase a new boat; even better than the Boat Show!

Smart Buyer Promotion
Boat Show Promotion
Spring Summer Promotion

SAVE $$$ - best pricing of the year, better than Boat Show, just too low to quote.

If the idea of purchasing a predesigned, in-stock model just doesn’t cut it for you,

then buying in the fall is the only way to guarantee your customized boat will be ready to hit the water in the spring when you are. Fall boat buyers are able to customize their boat colors and options and create the boat that matches their family’s style. If you wait until boat show season, orders can get backed up until spring or even early summer.

We provide our largest discount during the Fall due to many reasons.

Additional sales in the offseason provide cost savings to us and we pass those on to you. The more boats we can sell during the season allow us to plan our inventory for the next season much better. We are very aggressive in pricing for customers who choose to purchase during this time.

Boat trade-in


Avoid an additional year of depreciation. YOUR TRADE-IN WILL BE ONE YEAR OLDER NEXT SEASON. We are also more aggressive on trades this time of the year, because we have to restock our pre-owned inventory for the next season.

Customize a boat
Trade in a boat

How does the smart buyer program work?

Buy one of our great inventory boats or place an order for a 2020 model from Nautique, Supreme, Moomba, or Regal by 12/31/19.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, there is another way to save on your new Moomba, Nautique, or Regal boat. As 2020 models are brought into our showroom, we’ve got to make space for them. So naturally, our 2019’s have got to go! As they go on clearance, take advantage of these savings while they last! Click below to check out the rest of our remaining inventory.

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