Teach the Kids!


Family boating trips can vary in length; from a day trip playing around with some new tubes or wakeboards, to a weekend trip just to get away for a few days. Even the shortest of trips can tire parents out. Handling the proper percussions and making sure the kids are entertained and staying out of trouble is quite the job.

The best advice to all parents who love boating with the entire family would be to distribute some of the responsibilities to the kids. Have them step in and help out with some of the everyday checklists and tasks of boating.  It will keep them busy while being entertained. Try making it a game and the kids will have no problem joining in! Here are a few tasks that will make the trip fun for everyone, including the adults!

  • Usually docking the boat is a team effort so having them involved will keep them focused.
  • Tying knots is a great skill set that every child (including the adults) should know.
  • Teaching the kids how to drive the boat is great for keeping them entertained; but in cases of emergency, having them learn how to drive is a great safety precaution.
  • An organized and tidy boat is a happy boat! Clean up toys from skis to snorkels, etc.
  • Setting the Waypoints on the GPS is smart for everyone to know! They may even be able to teach you a few things about electronics!
  • Set the Anchor, anything from dropping it in, to cleating it off and pulling it back up.
  • Cleaning is a part of the boating experience. Making sure they clean as they go will help them in other aspects of life as well.
  • Keeping a watchful eye out for buoys, rafts, riders, etc. will keep the kids occupied.
  • If you need help turning on lights radar, etc. have them help with flipping switches when needed.

Some of these tasks may seem extremely simple. Just by having them help however, will create a better boating experience; while having a feeling of accomplishment! And that is something worth working for.