The Best Snacks for Boating!

“Where’s the food?”  That’s a question you’re asked from anyone. Your friend, sister, son, even your grandparents! No matter the age, everyone loves snacking! When you’re out on the water, having the right snacks might be a little tough, but, it can be done!

Here are a few tricks and ideas to make snacking out on the water as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Apple sauce has always been a staple for snacks as a kid! When you want something fast and good for you, applesauce is the way to go. But over the years, we as consumers want things that are less cleanup and easy. They have created to-go style applesauce in a pouch! There are many brands to choose from, as well as different flavors too.

For the younger ages, it’s always something sweet their looking for! Well, I am sure most of you have heard of a little thing called Nutella! They’ve made it easy for anyone to grab a quick snack of Nutella on the go! It also provides little biscuit sticks for dipping! These snack packs are great for a long day out on the boat!

One of the big issues with packing snacks for a day is not having enough variety. No one wants to eat the same snacks over and over again. But packing a variety of things can be a hassle and also a waste of plastic bags (no one wants to be wasteful).  Have no fear, there is another way! If you head over to Walmart or a hardware store, they have plastic organizers that can hold screws and smaller things in an organized fashion. These plastic containers are perfect for holding quite a few different bite-sized snacks! Here is a picture of the container and the possibilities it holds.


Here you go! Just a few ways to make packing for your day out on the boat a little easier!