The NSS! Secret Government Operation, or Amazing Surf System?

For those who aren’t avid boaters, or those who are just starting out, we know there are a lot of questions you need to ask before making your final choice. One of the biggest questions we get from novice boaters is, “What is NSS?”

NSS is the acronym used to describe the Nautique Surf System. The NSS gives surfers the control to fine tune their perfect wave.

Deploying down and out, the NSS creates a fully customizable wave at the push of a button. It’s mounted underneath the transom and directs the flow of water to alter wake patterns and produce a custom wave. This allows the rider to surf a wave on either side of the boat, as well as being able to control the wave’s intensity to adjust steepness and smooth out the slope. For families starting their children out in these water sports at a young age, this wave is perfect to learn on.

The Waveplate allows surfers to create a wave on either side of the boat without having to offload the ballast or even people! What’s the fun in inviting people on your boat if you have to take turns all the time? Being able to adjust the steepness and shape of the wave has taken wakesurfing to a new level.

The LINC controls the Nautique Surf System with the press of a button. You can customize your settings on the go and save them in a personalized profile that stores the information and automatically engages your preferred speed, ballast settings, and Waveplate position.

With technology for the NSS advancing every year, you can only expect the best wave to grow from here on!