Tips for Smart Boating


Taking your boat to new waters is what it’s all about! Exploring new areas and creating new memories are some of the best joys of boating. But making sure you and your passengers are safe while on the water is number one! Here are a few key points to keep in mind while traveling on the water.

Make sure you are traveling on designated waterways and that you launch your watercraft in designated areas.

You always want to operate your boat at a safe speed for you and those around you.

Even if you’re not towing a passenger, always have a lookout to keep an eye out for objects, boats and swimmers.

One big and more obvious tip would be to never jump a wake. Maintain a low speed when crossing a wake and keep an eye out for skiers and towables.

Make sure when you go out on your boat that you always have a partner with you.

Believe it or not but this is something we’ve had questions about. Travel in areas open to your type of boat. Some spots might be too shallow or narrow for your boat to move in. So make sure your asking the right questions when buying your boat.

Carry the proper PDF for all passengers on your vessel.

Always comply with the signs and barriers.

When heading to the lake and packing everything you need on your boat and trailer, balance the load including items inside the boat.

This last tip goes without saying but it is in our opinion one of the most important, never operate your vessel, or any heavy machinery while under the influence of any kind. Safety is the most important thing.