After some searching, we have come across (in our opinion) two of the coolest towables on the market! But fair warning, these aren’t for the weak stomached!

Two Passenger Airhead Revolution!

It may be on the upper scale as far as price, but we think the thrill of this ride will be worth every penny! You will feel like you’re at the Teacup ride at Disney, but better because you’re on the water! This Airhead Revolution revolves just like a record. A central tow-point, featuring a stainless-steel swivel is located in the center of the bottom of the tube. With some tests, they have found the speed of the rotation is manageable at 10 mph. If you increase your speed to 15 or 20 mph the rotation will increase incredibly fast! So unless you have super strength, the centrifugal force will definitely win!

Riders lie on their stomachs, opposite each other. There is an inflated central fin that separates each rider. There are additional inflatable fins placed between the riders knees for extra stability. With four strategically placed grab handles with neoprene guards you will be able to hold on, for a little while that is. For those who have a weaker stomach, it is possible NOT to spin; all you have to do is thread the tow rope through the “no-spin” strap. But what’s the point? The fun is in the spin!


Our second favorite would be the Gyro!

The bullet-shaped GYRO will be sent into a spin with a simple turn of the boat. The stainless steel swivel tow system allows the GYRO to roll over and over again with the rider inside while they watch all the action through the port hole at the front of the tube. Riders simply hold on to the handle system located in the front of the tube and enjoy the ride. Watch out, not for the faint of heart!

These two towables are definitely going to test your limits, so be ready to be spin out of control!