Trailering your Boat


When trailering your boat to the dock, it’s important to do a few practice runs before hitting the main road. It’s just like learning to drive for the first time, only this time you have a massive boat trailered to your vehicle. No one wants to arrive at the dock and not know a thing about backing it in into the water! Try taking it to an empty parking lot, and try to practice a few basic maneuvers.  If there is ever an issue at the dock, other boaters will more likely jump in the assist you.

Here is a list (in order) of how to hook up your trailer for a successful trip.

  1. Back your vehicle up to the trailer to match up with the hitch.
  2. Lower your trailer onto the hitch.
  3. Lower tongue latch and insert lock or pin.
  4. Connect wire harness.
  5. Attach chains to the receiver.
  6. Turn on lights and check all bulbs for operation.

Keep in mind that you want to make sure that your vehicle is suitable to tow a boat. Does it have enough power to do the job properly. Make sure you do your research so purchasing will be an easy transaction.