Tyler Worrall

Tyler Worrall

Living on a lake and seeing his older cousins kiteboard spurred Tyler Worrall to put a wakeboard to his feet by the time he was 4 years old. Now, just five years later, the 9-year-old spends several afternoons each week riding and many weekends competing. “Wakeboarding was never something we pushed on him,” says dad, Andy. “He just pushed himself to be better.”

Tyler started competing in (and winning) local competitions early on, against others twice his age. “In wake boarding, you never know who’s going to be paired up in competition, especially when competing on the cable. We entered Tyler in his first contest for experience.” Now, he works with Coach Ben Greenwood, has a national sponsor (Ronix Wakeboards) and has started traveling to national tournaments.

Thanks to cable parks, such as Orlando Watersports Complex, boats are no longer essential lot learning the sport. Still, competing requires a lot of time and discipline. “Wakeboarding is a sport we can all enjoy as a family,” says mom, Jamie. “Even traveling to Tyler’s tournaments is something we turn into family vacations.

Age: 11
Parents: Andy & Jamie
Siblings: Reese (7)
City: Clermont
Sports role model: Wakeboarders Danny Harf and Ben Greenwood
Places to wakeboard: Lake Minnehaha, Orlando Watersports complex
Tyler’s regimen: 10 to 15 hours a week
Tyler’s motto: “Always stick to it, and never give up.”
Tyler described in 3 words: Determined to win
Accomplishments: World Wakeboard Association National Wakeboard Champion — Junior Boys (age 9 and under), Ronix Wakeboards team rider


’11 Gravel Tour Stop 1 3rd Grom
’11 Gravel Tour Stop 2 3rd Grom
’11 Gravel Tour Stop 3 1st Grom
’11 Gravel Tour Stop 4 2nd Grom
’11 Wake Games 2nd Jr Boys
’11 Wake Games Team 6th Jr Boys
’11 OWC Pts Chase 1st Stop 2nd Beg
’11 OWC Pts Chase 2nd Stop 5th Beg
’11 OWC Pts Chase 3rd Stop 1st Beg
’11 OWC Pts Chase 4th Stop 3rd Beg
’11 OWC Pts Chase 5th Stop 2nd Beg
’11 OWC Overall 2nd Beg
’11 WWA Nationals 1st Jr Boys