Unknown Facts about Boating


With any hobby we have, there are always facts that pop up that we might not have known before. The more you research the more you’ll find and better versed you’ll be! With boating, there is always something new to learn; whether it’s the rules of the road, a maintenance tip, or a new trick for watersports enthusiasts. Make sure not to forget about the routine things that fly under the radar just because they aren’t an everyday check list item. Here are a few tips that you might not have known, that may help you in future binds!

-A boat with a clean hull bottom is more fuel-efficient than a hull that’s covered with algae or other aquatic scum. A dirty hall can easily add up to 30% of fuel cost.

-Remove the propeller several times during the season to make sure discarded fishing line hasn’t become wrapped around the propeller shaft, as well as make sure there are no dents or nicks or other signs of damage.

-Don’t under-power your boat. It’s important you have enough motor to handle the total weight your carrying. The weight in your boat can either help you or hinder you. If you have enough power to tow more weight, that extra weight will benefit you if you are looking to create a larger wave for surfing. If you are under powered and you have a larger load, then your boat will be working overtime.

-Keep up with maintenance on your boat. A well-tuned engine uses less fuel.

-To prevent fuel and oil leaks, secure an oil absorbent pad or pillow in your bilge and under your engine where drips may occur. Check the pads often, do not let them clog the bilge pump, and dispose of them as hazardous waste at a marina or local hazardous waste collection center.

-Inspect prop, grip it and try moving the shaft – if it’s loose, the cutlass bearing may need to be replaced.

-One thing we wouldn’t normally do is to make sure and check the expiration dates on our flares and fire extinguishers.

-Minimizing the amount of time that you idle at the dock with reduce fuel usage.

-Boats provide tax deductible and cost effective second homes. Interest on a boat loan can be deducted if the boat has a galley, berth and head.