Wakesurfing Tips

Wakesurfing is becoming more and more popular as the years unfold. There are so many tricks to learn and even those who are just in it for the thrill of it can’t seem to get enough! And with every new hobby or sport you take on, there are things that every veteran would love to share. For those who are excited to get behind their new boat and try to wakesurf for the first time, here are a few pointers we feel that everyone should know. Some are a little more obvious than others but we feel the need to say them anyways.

-You should only wakesurf behind an inboard boat (a boat without an exposed propeller.)

-Always use a rope specific to wakesurfing. They are bigger, safer and more convenient than traditional ropes. Make sure to attach your rope to the pylon or tower, it will allow the handle to sit in the pocket of the wave.

-To get a solid wave for wakesurfing, you’ll need to weight one side of the boat, favoring the stern. Build the wave on the port side for left foot forward surfers (regular) and on the starboard side for right foot forward surfers (goofy). You can use people, external bags or, if you are lucky enough, internal ballast tanks. If it’s your first time, it may take a few tries to get the wave comfortable for the rider, just be sure never to exceed your boat’s NMMA tag for maximum capacity. That being said, the ideal speed is between 10 and 15 mph.

-Like other hobbies or sports, getting up for the first time can be challenging. After a few tries however, you should get the hang of it. Keep your knees toward your chest and get the board underneath you as quickly as possible, but be sure not to stand up too quickly!

-Once you are up, you can turn by applying pressure to your heels or toes. Applying weight to front of the board will speed you up, and applying weight to the back will slow you down. Once you are riding the wave in the pocket, the wave will push you forward. When you are comfortable on the wave you can let go of the rope and ride. A spotter should be there to pull the rope in after you let go.

-Keeping the nose of the board pointed at the corner of the boat will help you stay in the pocket of the wave that will propel you forward.

-Another tip to help keep you in that sweet spot is keeping your shoulders pointed at the corner of the boat, as well as your head positioned in the direction you want to go. It may seem like a simple thing to do but you can get lost in the excitement of it all and forget to keep your eyes in the direction you intend to go.

We hope some of these pointers are helpful on your adventures on learning how to wakesurf. We will see you on the water in no time!