Walking on Water?

With summer right around the corner, parents are getting everything in place for summer outings for their family and friends. From weekend sleepovers to a full day out on the lake, activities are planned out. There is always something to do out on the water. From tubing to wakesurfing, parents will never have a dull moment with their kids! In all that excitement it is nice to relax and enjoy some vitamin D! But with your family and their friends over, that’s a lot of people to keep entertained. With The FloatingMat, the kids can keep themselves busy on the water while the parents can enjoy a nice drink with friends!

Water Mats provide an easy forum for kids to enjoy on the lake, river or even the ocean. The best part about it is, is that it’s not just for the kids, adults get to have fun on these mats too! These mats can be tied up behind your boat while anchored, perfect for a lake party or used for extending your dock. Whether you like to walk on water, jump, exercise or just enjoy the sun this water toy is perfect for you and the family, and the best part is, there’s no inflation or assembly. Just roll it out and get ready for the fun!

These amazing mats allow little maintenance and up keep to insure many summers of endless fun.

  • To clean your FloatingMat, use clean water and a sponge to remove dirt or other debris.
  • The FloatingMat is stain resistant, however, should a stain develop a mild detergent, soap and water may be used remove the stain.  Be sure to remove all soap from the FloatingMat before storage.
  • At the end of the season, remove your FloatingMat from the water, remove any debris, rinse with clean water, wipe it down with a sponge to remove any grime that may have developed over the season and roll it up.  Allow the mat to dry completely before storage.

We hope you found this blog helpful when trying to find the next big water toy for you and your family!